Art Education


The comprehensive Art Education major prepares students who wish to become strong and competent K-12 art educators. Upon completion, this major qualifies you to apply for and attain a Wisconsin Teaching License in Art and Design. Students planning to be art teachers need competencies in the general art foundations courses, multiple studio areas, art history and education in addition to the general university requirements. Together the Department of Art & Design and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction collaborate and prepare our students for strong careers as K-12 teachers of art.

Our program emphasizes service learning, the development of leadership skills, a solid understanding of educational theory, the observation of teaching praxis throughout the program, and a solid foundation that prepares students for this profession. Students planning this degree should love both the arts and working with children and people. They will want to maintain a strong grade point average, are required by the state to pass the Praxis Core and Praxis II exams, and must apply to the program in the School of Education and Human Sciences usually in their sophomore year.

The standards are high at UW Eau Claire and our teachers are finding themselves prepared for the professional world of teaching. The payoff for this hard work and dedication is not only a job...but an amazing career which is rewards the heart, is intellectually stimulating, is rarely boring or too predictable, and brings ones personal  love of the visual arts to students and children of all ages and backgrounds.

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For further information about a career in art education, please contact: lia Johnson


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