Drawing & Painting


The dynamic relationship between painting and drawing encourages a balance of technical proficiency and creative exploration with a wide range of subjects, materials, and formats. Initial focus on technique and tradition evolves into an increasing concern with content, experimental approaches, and contemporary issues. Beginning classes build technical skills and expand concepts of color, space, and subject matter through challenging projects, while intermediate and advanced classes pursue more complex methods of image development in independent projects. Content and narrative structure, layering and revision, as well as the process and physicality of art making are explored with encouragement towards new lines of investigation. 

Students' chosen directions may embrace painting, drawing, or multi-media combinations; ideas are not limited by media definitions. Paintings with 3-D extensions, monumental scale, multi-dimensional installation formats, photographic projection and digital animation should all be seen as creative possibilities. Intensive studio practice is supported with research and departmental field trips. Critiques, presentations, and seminars help develop critical and verbal skills, and address the relationship between art and culture. Projects developed in the advanced studio courses, completed during the final year of the BFA, are exhibited in the campus' Foster Gallery.

All Painting/Drawing classes are open to all students in the Department of Art & Design, including Art Education Students. Some students expand their future options by completing majors in both Art Education and the Painting/Drawing BFA.

Faculty Contacts

For further information on this specific field, please contact: Scott Robertson or Jill Olm


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