Drawing & Painting


Drawing & Painting is one of the seven areas of emphases that can be selected for the      75-credit BFA. Majors are encouraged to investigate the dynamic relationship between drawing and painting, finding balance through technical proficiency and creative exploration with a wide range of subjects, materials, and formats. Students' chosen directions are not limited by definitions and may embrace drawing, painting, or multimedia combinations. Creative possibilities range from art with 3-D extensions, monumental scale,                     multi-dimensional installation formats, photographic projection, to digital animation.          New ideas which involve content and narrative structure, layering and revision, as well as the process and physicality of art-making are encouraged.

The curriculum helps prepare majors for graduate studies or for pursuing a career as a professional artist, educator, or art therapist. Beginning coursework builds technical skills and expands concepts of color, space, and subject matter through challenging projects. With initial focus on technique and tradition, students' abilities will evolve in intermediate and advanced classes to pursue more complex methods of image development and concern for content, experimental approach, and contemporary issues on their independent projects. Intensive studio practice is supported by research, critiques, presentations, and seminars which help to develop critical and verbal skills as well as addressing the relationship between art and culture.

Faculty Contacts

For further information on this specific area, please contact: Scott Robertson or Jill Olm


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