Graphic Design


Graphic Design is one of the seven areas of emphases that can be selected for the            75-credit BFA. Majors begin applying their fine arts experience to a wide variety of contemporary print and electronic visual communications media. This process of combining art and technology to communicate ideas is enhanced by a variety of courses including print media, electronic and interactive web design, multimedia, and 3-D digital animation.    These courses are designed to emphasize the overall liberal arts education, preparing majors for graduate studies or the design profession.

The area responds to the rapidly changing nature of the visual world by guiding students    to have both flexible and adaptable skills that can adjust to their creative environment.      They will learn different methods of production and how to present their projects successfully. Collaboration with other area majors, such as Illustration or Photography,       is encouraged. Advanced students gain valuable real world experiences by participating in community-based collaborative projects, which could offer opportunities for internships and directed studies courses by putting them in direct contact with area and regional non-profit businesses and organizations. These opportunities provide beneficial knowledge and the chance to add materials to their professional portfolios from beyond the classroom.

Faculty Contact

For further information on this specific field, please contact: Li-Ying Bao or Christos Theo


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