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Degree Requirements 

The Department of Art & Design offers an undergraduate program for students electing courses in Studio Areas, Art Education, or Art History. Students gain both a conceptual and technical education, develop a sharper awareness of their surroundings, experiment with different mediums, and form a broader understanding of art and artists.

General Requirements

The Bachelor of Fine Arts, the Bachelor of Arts, and the Bachelor of Science are differentiated by specific College requirements, not by the major chosen. If a major program is listed as leading to either the BA, BS, or BFA degree, students electing that major may choose which of the three degrees they wish to earn. The general requirements specific to each of these degrees are linked below.


Program Requirements

For the BA and BS liberal arts majors and the BFA degree, the foundations sequence (first year) is the same. In the comprehensive studio degrees (BFA), students choose an emphasis in one of seven areas. The BA/BS degrees are not titled in any area, but students still choose a studio sequence in one of those seven areas. The Comprehensive Art Education degree for Early Childhood through Adolescence is complex and requires close consultation with the academic advisor to sequence successfully. The program requirements specific to each degree are linked below.

* Portfolio Requirement - see p.81 of catalog
** Art Education Requirement - see p.83 of catalog
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