Art History


Art History offers a 36-credit Liberal Arts BA or BS degree for majors as well as a 24-credit degree for minors. The curriculum encompasses a broad scope of coursework covering a wide array of time periods, cultures, and geographical regions. Courses involve slide  lecture-discussion, class participation, tests, research essays, and group projects.           The majors and minors must complete a methodologies course. Area expectations for graduating majors or minors are to be well prepared, highly knowledgeable, and broadly educated through coursework in order to pursue a variety of post-baccalaureate options -    a master's degree in art history, museum or curatorial employment, or graduate studies in art conservation.

Over twenty courses are offered, ranging from medieval art to themes in contemporary art; from the ancient art and architecture of Mexico and Central America to the history of 20th century art; and from the study of ancient Greek, Etruscan, and Roman art to the art of Tawantinsuyo. Separate courses in the histories of graphic design, photography, and world architecture are also available. Art History offerings also support students in American Indian Studies, Latin American Studies, and Ancient Studies.

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For further information on this specific area, please contact: Gene Hood or Karen O'Day



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