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University Art Collection

FALL 2015: As of August, the University Art Collection which has traditionally been
in the care of the Department of Art & Design has now transferred ownership to the
McIntyre Library. Any questions you have regarding the collection may be directed

UW-Eau Claire's permanent collection of art had its beginnings in the late 1960s with a major bequest by Emil Arnold of New York. Included in the gift were works by modernist Karl Knaths, a major figure of the Provincetown school; expressionist Jacob Epstein; and figural draftsmen/painters/sculptors Raphael and Moses Soyer. The collection has grown to approximately 700 artworks; many are on display in academic buildings and especially in the McIntyre Library.

Two major philosophies determined the nature of the permanent collection: to seek original artworks which were instructive and educational for our primary audiences - the university community and the greater western Wisconsin region - and to always strive for quality works. The latter determination has meant selecting pieces which could challenge audiences, including those students studying art at the university.

Built from a modest annual budget provided by the UW-Eau Claire Foundation and administered by a university-wide committee, the collection has proved to be always visually interesting and frequently spirited and surprising.

The University Art Collection has limited means to aquire new works of art. Collectors are encouraged to contact the collection Curator about possible gifts of original artwork.