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2011-12 Exhibits


September 8-29

Art Faculty Show

Featuring the works of the Department of Art & Design studio faculty.


October 6-27


Visiting artists Paul Stout, Jared Steffenson, and Michael Handley create an unusual gallery project that connects UWEC's Foster Gallery with the greater Eau Claire community. The Foster Gallery provides a domestic environment in which to experience live feed video from locations in Shaw Town, Third Ward, and Eau Claire's North Side.


November 3-23

Hidden Fortress

An exhibition curated by Andrea Carlson featuring artworks by ten artists working in a variety of art practices from assemblages to video. Each contributing work can be viewed as the remaining evidence of a hidden performance that has already taken place. They are metaphoric empty stages. Graham Asmundson, Frank Big Bear, Ernest Bryant III, Rudolph Carlson, Suzy Greenberg, Ming Hon, Pamila Matharu, Margaret Penzella-Gunland, Rio Saito, Joe Sinness.


December 1-11

Senior BFA Exhibition

Portfolio exhibition by December 2011 Bachelor of Fine Arts degree candidates.


January 26-February 16

Risk + Reward

An exhibition foregrounding the physical activity of painting. The contemporary artists represented rigorously explore the materiality of paint to create dynamic images that exist in the space between abstraction and representation, and exploit the particularity of materials.


February 23-March 15

Meditation on Trees

Trees are Earth's oldest and largest living things; often taken for granted yet dominating the landscape, trees shade our cities, stand as guardians of aging farmsteads, mark neglected fence lines, and echo ancient trails of the Anishinaabeg as sacred marker trees. An exhibition of diverse works, by artists working in various media that explore the poetic beauty of trees as cultural landmarks.


April 5-22

55th Annual Juried Student Art Show

Exhibiting artworks by UW-Eau Claire students as selected by a nationally known artist.


April 28-May 13

Senior BFA Exhibition

Portfolio exhibition by May 2012 Bachelor of Fine Arts degree candidates.