2008-09 Exhibits


September 11-October 2

Art Faculty Show
Featuring the works of the Department of Art & Design studio faculty - lia Johnson and Scott Robertson featured.


October 9-30

Shark’s Ink Revisited
10 years have passed since our last Shark’s exhibition. From the presses at Sharks Ink, exciting contemporary prints by nationally renowned artists.


November 6-December 2

Changing the Way We Think…New Media Art
The millennium has witnessed the growing vitality of new media art, mediated via digital means, often with the internet as its platform. Originating from an increasingly technologically dependent society, it not only challenges traditional creative media and ways of thinking, but also posits new questions concerning all realms of contemporary life.


December 6-14

Senior BFA Exhibition
Portfolio exhibition by December 2008 Bachelor of Fine Arts degree candidates.


January 29-February 19

Drawing Beyond Edges 
The importance that materials and process play in contemporary drawing approaches is examined in the large scale drawings of Amanda Hughen, Cal Lane, Fraser Taylor, and Ed Mayer.


February 26-March 29

Teapots: Functional, Formal, Narrative
A symbol of the complex history of culture and trade that in part created the field of contemporary ceramics, the teapot is also a complex sculptural form.

April 3-15

Senior BFA Exhibition
Portfolio exhibition by May 2009 Bachelor of Fine Arts degree candidates.

April 22-May 10

52nd  Annual Juried Student Art Show
Exhibiting the artworks of UW-Eau Claire students as selected by a nationally known artist.