Return to Wisconsin program

Schofield Hall in autumnThe Return to Wisconsin program provides discounted out-of-state tuition rates for children and grandchildren of UW-Eau Claire alumni.

The facts

  • Nonresident tuition rates for children and grandchildren of qualifying alumni will be discounted 25 percent.
  • Qualifying alumni are individual biological or legal parents, biological grandparents or legal guardians, living or dead, who have previously earned either an undergraduate or graduate degree from UW-Eau Claire.
  • Eligible students must meet all admissions requirements that apply to all other applicants to UW-Eau Claire.
  • Return to Wisconsin students will pay all other fees (special course charges, room, board, and other expenses) at the same rates as other students.
  • Return to Wisconsin students will be accommodated above UW-Eau Claire’s target enrollment number and will not displace Wisconsin residents.
  • An eligible student or the student’s qualifying parent, grandparent or legal guardian must be a legal resident of a state other than Wisconsin or Minnesota.
  • The program does not apply to graduate tuition and fees.
  • Students must fill out the eligibility form and return the form to the Registrar’s office in order to evaluate eligibility.  Contact the admissions office at 715-836-2311 or for more information.

Tuition discount illustration

For the 2013-14 academic year, nonresident tuition and fees at UW-Eau Claire are $16,790.00. With the 25 percent tuition discount, a Return to Wisconsin student would pay $12,592.50 in tuition and fees. A Wisconsin resident pays 2013-14 tuition and fees of $8710.00. (For the most up-to-date tuition figures available, go to UW-Eau Claire's Paying for College Web page.)

For more information or to obtain an eligibility form

Contact Joey Bohl, Assistant Director of Admissions, at or (715) 836-2311