UW-Eau Claire Alumni

Honorary Alumnus Award
2015 Recipients

The Honorary Alumnus Award is presented to non-alumni who have demonstrated great love of and service to UW-Eau Claire

Karen Stuber

Karen Stuber university conferences coordinator emerita, served the students of UW-Eau Claire for 46 years through her work in Davies Center. Beginning in 1969 when she began her UW-Eau Claire career in the position of Typist 2 until her retirement in July 2015, Stuber was responsible for the scheduling and setup of University Centers events. As University Centers assistant director for Event Services, Stuber oversaw an organization that produces more than 13,500 events each year, employs dozens of students and has an impact on every student who attends the university. “Karen’s influence was felt everywhere,” said Charles Farrell, director of University Centers. “From the training of hundreds of student building managers over the years to how we do just about everything, Karen left very little of the Centers untouched.” Stuber’s name cannot be mentioned without also talking about the Viennese Ball, given her leading role in every ball starting with the inaugural event in 1974 and her work as the events executive director from 2009 to 2015. “Karen was completely devoted to UW-Eau Claire and serving our students as well as the rest of the university community,” Farrell said. “She is the very embodiment of the Blugold spirit.”

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