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The Honorary Alumnus Award is presented to non-alumni who have demonstrated great love of and service to UW-Eau Claire

Gary Schwartzhoff
Dr. Gary Schwartzhoff

Gary Schwartzhoff On this celebration of The Singing Statesmen’s 50th anniversary, we would be remiss in not giving special recognition to someone under whose leadership this prestigious ensemble has thrived for 25 of its 50 years. Dr. Gary Schwartzhoff, conductor of The Singing Statesmen since his arrival at UW-Eau Claire in 1991. Dr. Schwartzhoff, professor of music and the university’s director of choral activities, marks his 42nd year as a music educator this year. For 25 of those years, UW-Eau Claire has been honored and privileged to have this acclaimed conductor and recipient of numerous awards and honors as an esteemed member of our outstanding faculty. In addition to his leadership of The Singing Statesmen, Dr. Schwartzhoff also conducts UW-Eau Claire’s Concert Choir, and he has led these two acclaimed choirs on tours extensively in Wisconsin, throughout the U.S. and internationally. He also has provided invaluable out-of-the-classroom student experiences in the annual productions of Cabaret and Ye Olde Madrigal Dinner. These two productions are opportunities for students — many of whom become music teachers throughout Wisconsin — to gain hands-on experiences that better prepare them for their careers. Dr. Schwartzhoff, you have been an exemplar of our university's Power of AND, showing how music can be a rich part of every student’s experience on our campus. In the words of Michael Schulze, a Statesman and an ongoing supporter of UW-Eau Claire’s choral music program – and in particular The Singing Statesmen: “Dr. Schwartzhoff has carried on the tradition and legacy of The Statesmen and taken it to new levels that the group’s founder, Morris Hayes, would be extremely proud of. I consider Dr. Schwartzhoff to be one of the most accomplished, passionate and dedicated people I have ever met in his profession.” UW-Eau Claire’s Honorary Alumnus Award is presented to non-alumni who have demonstrated great love of and service to UW-Eau Claire. On behalf of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Alumni Association, I am pleased to present to Dr. Gary Schwartzhoff this Honorary Alumnus Award on the occasion of the UW Eau Claire Singing Statesman's 50th Anniversary. Thank you. Dr. Schwartzhoff, for all you have done to bring the beauty of music to this community, our university, and its students, over these many years. We are fortunate to have you as an ambassador in continuing UW-Eau Claire’s legacy as "Wisconsin's Singing University."

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