2013 Gatherings UW-Eau Claire Grads attend alumni gathering at Off Vine Restaurant in Hollywood, CA, Jan. 17, 2013

UW-Eau Claire photos by Marcia Van Beek

Niels Quist and Sarah Schuh '04

Greg Fedderly '85, Sarah Vandebusch '91 and John Maierhofer '88

Farley Iman '63, Kyle Newmaster '99

UW-Eau Claire alum, Rebecca Harris '97, Brooke Wiegand '04, Kristina Paider '92 attend the gathering at Off-Vine Restaurant

Esther Burr-Kron '41, Daniel Gannon '76

Dorinda Van Beek '77, Renee Albert '87 and Greg Fedderly '85

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