2013 Gatherings UW-Eau Claire alumni and friends attend alumni gatherings in Door County, WI, July 25-26, 2013


Fish Boil
From left to right: Janet '59 and Ron '61 Stromen, UW-Eau Claire Foundation Major Gift Officer, John, Monica and Laura Delestry, UW-Eau Claire Alumni Director, John'81 and Joan '86 Bachmeier, Ginny '72 and Steve '72 Anderson, Dan and Ann '77 Nischke, Jane and Dale Larson

Rowleys Bay
Rowleys Bay before the boil over

Ann Nischke
Dan and Ann '77 Nischke

UW-Eau Claire alums, Ron and Janet Stromen invited everyone to their house for coffee after dinner and to view Washington Island and Deaths Door from the deck on the beach.

Stromens deck
Evening view from the tip of Door County.

The Hardy Gallery and Anderson Warehouse Grafitti in Ephraim, WI

Fish Boil
Fish Boil

Peter Rowley
Story teller Peter Rowley

Steve and Ginny
Ginny '72 and Steve '72 Anderson

Janet Stomen
Jane '59t and Ron '61 Stromen

John D
John and Monica Delestry making their way to the beach

Views at Door County

Sunset at Sister Bay
Beautiful sunset in Sister Bay


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