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Open Eyes, Open Minds Workshop

This is a workshop for the classroom in order to help create more socially responsible students. A socially responsible student is one who is accepting and open minded of many diverse groups of people. The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire takes great pride in our willingness to challenge and immerse ourselves in diverse thinking. Open Eyes, Open Minds helps students work through the concepts of privilege and oppression. The workshop is facilitated through a LGBTQ lens to allow students to critically contemplate ways in which we can stand up for or stand in the way of fellow colleagues or community members.

The workshop consists of 2 activities called Boxes and Walls, Locks and Keys as well as reflective discussion. This workshop intends to engage students in classroom discussion as well as minimal role play to put students in the position of the marginalized "other". By enacting various prejudices and biases placed on oppressed groups of people, students gain insight into how privilege and oppression box people in and lock them into negative stereotypes.