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Recruitment Checklist

_____Consult the Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook, section 3.01-04 for faculty, and section 10.02 for Academic Staff.

_____Consult the Recruitment Guide.

_____Consult your dean or authorizing administrator.

_____Select your search committee (review Open Meetings Law requirements in Recruitment Guide).

_____Schedule a meeting with the Affirmative Action Officer to discuss your search.

_____Draft your position description.

_____Draft your position announcement/advertisement (see template).

_____Complete the Request to Recruit form.

_____Submit the Request to Recruit to your dean or authorizing administrator.

_____After all approvals have been completed, HR will send you an approval memo.

_____Place your advertisements.

_____Demographic identification, and confidentiality request forms are now online.  Please have your applicants go to the Affirmative Action website: (Applicants will need your position number).

_____Keep records of contact with applicants.

_____The Affirmative Action office will send you the demographic information and confidentiality preference of your applicant pool on your priority date.

_____Screen the applications according to the qualifications outlined in your Request to Recruit and according to your advertised criteria for the position (Consider using an Evaluation Matrix).

_____Divide the applicants into tiers by matching their qualifications with your advertised criteria.

_____Conduct Telephone interviews if desired.

_____Determine when and how to conduct reference checks.

_____Submit Your Candidate Assessment/Recruitment Activityform through BPLogix, and send a hard copy of your candidate materials to your Dean or Authorizing Administrator.

_____Wait until you are notified that all approvals have been obtained before scheduling on-campus interviews.

_____ Plan the interview details (see Appropriate and Inappropriate Interview Questions).

_____ Submit a Request for Authorization to Reimburse Applicant for Interview Expenses to your dean or authorizing administrator.

_____ Conduct your on-campus interviews.

_____ Distribute Job Application Supplement for Finalists:  Convictions and/or pending Criminal Charges Disclosure form to all candidates interviewed on campus (candidates may either  1) return the form to the department/unit to forward to human resources, or 2) submit the form directly to human resources).

_____ Submit a Travel Expense Report to your dean or authorizing administrator.

_____Convene the search committee discuss the interviewed and discuss with the hiring authority.

_____Submit your Justification of Candidate Selection  and PARF through BPLogix to your dean or authorizing administrator.

_____ Submit your ePARF through Liquid Office to your dean or authorizing administrator.

_____Notify unsuccessful candidates (you may notify unsuccessful applicants earlier in the process if they are categorically excluded or if you would fail the search rather than hiring them) of your search results.  

_____Submit UW System Statistical Report on Search Conclusion to Human Resources.

_____Retain Search materials. (For more information on the retention of records go to  UW-Eau Claire's  or UW-System's website on Records Management).