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I have several majors in mind, how do I decide

Congratulations on narrowing down your choices! 

What would I study and learn in these majors?
Take a look at the catalog and view the different options (if applicable) within that major. Read the course descriptions and highlight ones that sound interesting to you. Once you've browsed the catalog, the next step is to browse the department's website– you may find helpful information.

Why did others choose this major?
Chat with faculty advisors in the major. Use the Exploring Majors Worksheet for ideas on what kinds of questions to ask. It's also a good idea to speak with an Academic Advisor to discuss appropriate course work for the majors you're considering. Some majors have very specific requirements, others are more flexible, but an advisor can help you select courses as you continue to explore.

Conduct informational interviews with as many people as you can. Many students think informational interviews are just for exploring careers; remember it can be extremely useful for exploring majors as well. Speak with advisors in the different majors. Chat with students who have already chosen that major. Go to Explore Your Possibilities week in October and take advantage of the major/resources fair each fall and spring semester.

Join Clubs and get involved in UWEC student organizations related to the majors you're considering. The Activities, Involvement, and Leadership (AIL) Office has a web site listing campus organizations. You should also browse department web sites which often list helpful resources like student clubs and professional organizations. Remember, at the start of each semester the AIL Office hosts, the Blugold Organization Bash (BOB), where you can check out different student clubs.

Next Steps
What could I do with the major?
I know my major or career, now what?