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The Advising System at UWEC

Students who have a declared major are assigned an adviser in the department of that major. Students who have not yet chosen a major (undeclared) are assigned an adviser in the Advising Office.  Students can change advisers by contacting the Program Associate in the department of their adviser.

Students are required to see an adviser:

  • When they declare a new major
  • Prior to registering for classes each semester until they have 60 credits completed (or 75 if they have a major in the College of Business)
  • To withdraw from a class

Students should make initial contact with an adviser early in their first semester at UW-Eau Claire to get acquainted.  It is important to establish a relationship before a problem arises. They should continue to see an adviser at least once a semester throughout their years here.

Students can expect their advisers to: help them develop academic and career goals based on their interests and abilities; assist them in choosing courses that meet those goals; clarify university policies and procedures; to be knowledgeable about a wide variety of campus resources and to refer the students when appropriate.

Declaring a major

Students declare a major in the department of that major. Each department has specific procedures that are outlined on the “Change of Major” site.  It is important that students change their major as soon as they have decided, since even general education requirements vary by major.