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Key Dates

Summer Registration still available

March 30 - second half semester courses begin

April 3 - Undergrad registration begins

April 10 - Withdrawal deadline



We can help:


  • Unsure how to help a student? Refer them to the Advising Office.
    • Schofield 226
    • Walk-in hours available, call for times

  • Have a specific advising question?
  • Keep abreast of requirement, policy, and student record and registration system changes via the Advisor Update bulletin.
  • Make your life easier  - we've got handouts to help with advising.


A to Z Topics

Declaring or Changing Majors/Minors

GE Course Lists Fall 2015
  100 - 200 Lower level courses

  300 - 400 Upper level courses

GPA Calculator

Grades (video 1 min)

Official UWEC Transcripts ( video 2.5 mins)

Registration Videos
Intro to Registration (45 sec)
   Who's My Advisor? (1.5 mins)
   Degree Audit (13 mins)
   Enrollment Appointment (1 min)
   Holds (Intro 30 sec)
       Payment Plan Agreement
            (PPA-1 min)
       Personal Advising Code
            (PAC-1 min)       
       Registration Deposit
            New Students (4.5 mins)
            Continuing Students (7.5 mins)
       To Do List (1 min)
   My Planner (5.75 mins)
   Registering(3.5 mins)
   Searching for Courses (9 mins)

Unofficial Transcripts (30 sec)

University Catalogs