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University Writing Requirement
for Transfer Students


  1. Students who have completed 4 or more semester credits of English composition from an accredited college or university (with a substantial research component) and have received a grade of C or higher have met the UW-EC writing requirement. The course will have the equivalency of Writing 116.
  2. Students who transfer in the equivalent of Writing 116 with a grade of C- or lower must retake Writing 116.
  3. Students who have completed between 2.66 and 3.99 semester credits of composition with a grade of C or better can take Writing 118, Accelerated Blugold Seminar in Critical Reading and Writing.  The transfer course will be given the equivalency of WRIT 907L (general elective),
  4. Students who have tested out of English at a UW College (and have it noted on their transcript) will be considered to have met the University Writing requirement.
  5. Students should check the Transfer Information System (TIS) to see the current equivalency for their English courses.