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The "Excess Credits Surcharge" policy that went into effect in the fall of 2004 requires students from Wisconsin to pay almost double for credits once they have earned either 165 credits, or 30 credits beyond the number required for their program (whichever is greater).

  • This policy applies only to undergraduate students pursuing a first bachelors degree; students pursuing second degrees or post-baccalaureate certification or licensure are not subject to the limit.
  • Minnesota reciprocity students are not subject to this policy.
  • The policy applies to all UW System earned credits and WTCS transfer credits.
  • The policy does not include credits transferred from schools other than UW system or WTCS, or other types of credit (such as advanced placement, retroactive credits, credits by exam, remedial credits, etc.).
  • The surcharge will be applied to students in the semester following the one in which they reached the earned credit limit (i.e., students enrolled in fall 2005 who reach their credit limit during this semester will first be assessed the surcharge in spring, 2006).


In implementing this policy, Eau Claire has established the following:

  • Each degree (B.A., B.S., BBA, etc) has a set number of credits allowed for General Education and other university requirements.
  • Each major has a set number of credits allowed, including prerequisites for required courses. In the case of education degrees, professional sequence courses are included.
  • Each minor has a set number of credits allowed, including prerequisites for required courses.

For each student, a maximum number of credits is determined by adding up the number of credits required for:

  • GE and other university requirements
  • Either a comprehensive major or a major and a minor.

NOTE: In determining this number, as of the 2004 Catalogue, double majors or a comprehensive major and a minor are not included. For students with a double major, we would determine the number of credits required in a minor in the subject in which the student has a second major.

APPEAL: All students have the right to appeal this surcharge. Appeals are handled by the Registrar and should be done as soon as possible. For information a student should contact the Registrar's Office. Print the Appeal form.