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Get the competitive edge in career and life
   We’re national leaders in study abroad, offer research experiences usually reserved for graduate students and help students get jobs through
   long-established connections with business and industry, internship opportunities and professional field experiences.

 Work with faculty, meet experts
 in the field, publish findings and
 attend national conferences.
 We tackle issues of the day here.

study abroad-
 Want to go places? Immerse
 yourself in new geography and
 culture for the learning adventure
 of a lifetime.

internship advantage
 Get field experience, apply your
 knowledge and practice critical
 skills. Be among the Blugolds that
 land jobs before they graduate!
service learning
Service Learning
 Gain experience while making
 a lasting impact close to home
 or around the world. You will
 get far more than you give.

Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.