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If you are pursuing a second bachelor degree:

Transfer Equivalencies/Advising:  If you have earned a bachelor’s degree and are pursuing a second undergraduate degree, the admissions office does not routinely prepare a formal transfer credit evaluation for your first baccalaureate degree.  However, if you have completed undergraduate coursework after your first baccalaureate degree, the Admissions office will prepare an evaluation of transferred credit for you as part of your acceptance.

You are not required to attend an orientation session.  Copies of your transcripts for your first bachelor degree have been sent to an advisor for review.  Please see the Second Degree Advisors list for information about meeting with an advisor to discuss course requirements and the registration process. Please set up a meeting with your advisor listed.    

Enrollment Deposit/Registration:  You will need to submit a $100 tuition deposit and sign a Payment Plan Agreement (PPA) before you are assigned a registration time.  The deposit should be submitted as soon as possible if you would like to register in a timely manner.  The preferred method is to pay the $100 tuition deposit online at  An Electronic Payment with a direct transfer from a personal checking or savings account can be used.  Or, it can be paid online with a credit card.  If you choose the option to pay with a credit card, select "registration deposit" for the term in which you were admitted (fall, winterim, spring, or summer).  Contact the Business Office at 715-836-5907 for more information about the tuition deposit and PPA, or visit the Business Office website.  Contact the Registrar's Office at 715-836-2425 for more information about registration times, or visit their web site:
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Advanced Placement (AP)

If you have taken or will take College Board Advanced Placement (AP) examinations, please visit the following website to determine how to send your scores to UW-Eau Claire and what credit you will receive at UW-Eau Claire:
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College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

If you have taken College Level Examination Program (CLEP) General Examinations or Subject Examinations, please visit the following website to determine tests accepted and passing scores for UW-Eau Claire:
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On campus housing is available for transfer students admitted for spring semester or fall semester.  Information on living in a residence hall and housing options will be mailed to you 2 weeks after you receive your acceptance letter. 

Submit your application as soon as possible for the best chance of getting your residence hall preferences.  For more information, visit or call (715) 836-3674.

For information on off-campus housing, you can view our off-campus housing resource at the following website:

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Financial Aid

If you have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), make sure you have released the information to UW-Eau Claire by having our school code listed in the college release section of your FAFSA.  If you do not have our school listed, you may add our school's federal code to your FAFSA.  To do so, login to , on the My FAFSA page, click "Make FAFSA Corrections", enter your federal student aid PIN, add UW-Eau Claire's school code of 003917, and click Submit. 

After all financial aid application materials are received and you have submitted your $100 tuition deposit, an award notification will be sent to you.  Additional financial aid information is available from the Financial Aid Office by phone (715-836-3373) or by email at

Please note: If you are transferring a high number of credits (90 or more), you may want to contact the Financial Aid office for information about maximum credits.  Federal rules place limits on the total number of credits that a student may attempt and continue to receive financial aid; so it is important to monitor your credit levels and to have a detailed academic plan in place with the assistance of your academic advisor in order to graduate in a timely manner. Top of Page


Incoming transfer students who are eligible at the point of admission, before March 1 (for fall term), are encouraged to fill out the separate scholarship application to be considered for all awards eligible.  The separate scholarship application can be found here: .  Eligible transfer students must have a minimum transferable GPA of 3.5.

Note:  Nontraditional students (freshman or transfer) are also encouraged to fill out the separate scholarship application and will be reviewed for applicable scholarships at the point of admission.

Please refer to our Incoming Student Admissions Scholarship website for further information:

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If your acceptance letter indicates you are a Wisconsin resident, you are classified as a RESIDENT for fee purposes.  Under state law, it is the responsibility of the student to register correctly as a resident or nonresident and to pay the appropriate fees.  The University reserves the right to review your residency status if such an action is deemed appropriate.  If your acceptance letter indicates you are a non-resident, please see other options below.

Minnesota Tuition Reciprocity: Minnesota students must file for reciprocity to ensure the reduced tuition. Reciprocity forms are available from the Higher Education Services Office:

Midwest Student Exchange Program:  Information about programs and states eligible for the MSEP tuition rate is available at Students should note that generally the tuition rate is unavailable to students who are undeclared or enrolled in majors with enrollment limitations.  For a current list, please consult the website above.

Return to Wisconsin:  This program provides discounted out-of-state tuition rates for children and grandchildren of UW-Eau Claire alumni.  For more information, visit
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Excess Credit Surcharge

Wisconsin resident undergraduate students who have earned 165 credits (or 30 credits more than required for their degree programs, whichever is greater) will be charged a surcharge, equal to 100 percent of the regular resident tuition (e.g., tuition would double) on all credits beyond that level.

This policy was created by the UWS Board of Regents and covers all Wisconsin resident undergraduate students pursuing their first bachelors degree, including students pursuing a double major.  Non-residents (including Minnesota), graduate, post-baccalaureate, and non-degree students are not affected.

The policy applies to all transferable credits earned at UW campuses and WTCS (Wisconsin Technical College System) transfer credits.  Non-course credits, such as AP, CLEP, credits-by-confirming course, etc. do not count toward the total.

The surcharge is applied in the semester following the one in which a student reaches the earned credit limit.  Every student has the right to appeal the surcharge.  If you wish to obtain information on filing an appeal, contact the Registrar, Tessa Perchinsky, at; or by calling 715-836-3887.
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Graduation Rates

Graduation Rates for UW-Eau Claire and all UW System institutions are available in the Introduction to the UW System publication available through the HELP Office, 505 S Rosa Rd, Suite 200, Madison, WI 53719, (1-800-442-6459).  These rates are calculated and made available as required by the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act. 

As required under federal statutes, information about campus crime statistics for the past three academic years is available from the Dean of Students Office, 715-836-5626.
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Nontraditional Student Services

If you are an adult student who has had a significant break in your education since high school or secondary education, are married and/or a parent, a military veteran or other life situations there are several services available for you.

For additional information, please contact:

Bonnie Isaacson
Nontraditional Student Adviser
Nontraditional Student Services Office
715-836-3259 (phone)
715-836-4939 (fax)
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Services for Students With Disabilities

If you will need any special accommodations such as note takers, extended time on exams, materials on tape, interpreter services, enlarged materials or have other special needs, it is essential that you let us know now. We need to receive documentation for your disability to discuss with you your specific needs.  

For additional information, please contact:

Vicky Thomas
Services for Students with Disabilities
715-836-4542 (phone)
715-836-3712 (fax)
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