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Step 1: Review Letter of Admission

Starting Term:  Indicates the semester and year for which you have been admitted.  If you wish to change your beginning term or cancel your admission, please contact the Admissions Office at 715-836-5415 or

Blugold/Campus ID #:  Your permanent campus identification number consists of a seven-digit random number assigned by the university.  Be prepared to provide this number when contacting university offices.

Academic Standing:  If your academic standing is good standing it will not show on your acceptance letter.  If your academic standing is different than good standing, please refer to “Academic Standing and Progress” in the current UW-Eau Claire catalogue for additional information.

Note:  If your letter of acceptance indicates that a warning has been used, it means that, at some point, your semester GPA fell below 2.0.  If your semester or cumulative GPA drops below 2.0 at UW-Eau Claire, you will be placed directly on probation or suspension.

Intended Major:  Indicates the major you listed on your application.  If you would like to change your major prior to registering for classes at UW-Eau Claire, please contact the Admissions office.

Transcripts Needed:  Please review your letter of acceptance for the name of the institution(s) in which a final transcript is required.  Please request the final transcript be sent to UW-Eau Claire.  You must submit the final transcript within 30 days of the completion of your last term.

Residency:  If your acceptance letter indicates you are a Wisconsin resident, you are classified as a RESIDENT for fee purposes.  Under state law, it is the responsibility of the student to register correctly as a resident or nonresident and to pay the appropriate fees.  The University reserves the right to review your residency status if such an action is deemed appropriate.  If your acceptance letter indicates you are a non-resident, please see other options below.

Minnesota Tuition Reciprocity: Minnesota students must file for reciprocity to ensure the reduced tuition.  Reciprocity forms are available from the Higher Education Services Office:

Midwest Student Exchange Program:  Information about programs and states eligible for the MSEP tuition rate is available at Students should note that generally the tuition rate is unavailable to students who are undeclared or enrolled in majors with enrollment limitations.  For a current list, please consult the website above.

Return to Wisconsin:  This program provides discounted out-of-state tuition rates for children and grandchildren of UW-Eau Claire alumni.  For more information, visit

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