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Materials Science Video
Materials Science video

What is materials science?

Learn about the Materials Science Center and what the discipline is all about...

Materials Science is the study of condensed matter (solids and liquids), and how we can use knowledge from this study and apply it to creating new materials, and technologies.  Materials science is a relatively new discipline, and stems from two traditional areas of study: the study of matter and its structure-property relationship that originated in chemistry and physics, and developments in various materials engineering fields such as microelectronics, metallurgy and plastics.

What are some applications of materials science?

Every day we come into contact with hundreds of manufactured objects that are essential to modern life: the vehicles we travel in; the clothes we wear; the machines in our homes and offices; the sport and leisure equipment we use; the computers and phones we can’t live without; and the medical technology that keeps us alive. Everything we see and use is made from materials derived from the earth: metals, polymers, ceramics, semiconductors and composites.

What can students do in materials science?

Undergraduates at UW- Eau Claire are very involved in working with equipment and faculty in the Materials Science Center! Check out this video to learn more about the opportunities UW- Eau Claire students have in researching materials and using cutting edge technology!

Materials science has become a key discipline in the competitive global economy and is recognized as one of the technical disciplines with the most exciting career opportunities.

Materials Science at       UW - Eau Claire

The study of materials science at UW - Eau Claire is based heavily in the sciences and mathematics and allows students to understand the foundations of materials and specialize in one of six emphases, including nano-science and applied materials. Learn more about this exciting major at UW - Eau Claire!


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