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Mathematics Faculty Simei Tong
Simei Tong assoc. mathematics professor

What kind of research do you do?

My research interests are functional analysis, convex geometry, and optimization theory.
My recent research with emergency planning was inspired by the chaos that occurred in the city of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. I have been doing several research projects on emergency management responses, including distribution of sand bags, evacuation of a city, and evacuation of a hospital. My students are very amazed on how we can use mathematics models to improve the services such as to conduct an emergency operation in the most effective and efficient way.

Awards, presentations, published work?

I have won the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) Grant, along with 14 colleagues from  the mathematics department and the following year we also won the SOTL grant for mathematicians and math educators from 8 campuses from UW System.

My students and I have presented our research results at national conferences in mathematics, and we were also invited to present it to the annual Wisconsin Emergency Management Association conference in Madison. This presentation raised the awareness that higher education serves Wisconsin and mathematics can help reduce the cost of service and most important it can help to save lives. This conference experience led us to even more research topics/projects because of high interest from the audience.

What is your favorite course to teach? Why?

Calculus II, because it is one of the first courses that can be tough for students and I love to help them through the process of understanding it, and seeing students get confidence by working through problems. You can see that student grow and advance; often times it is a great place to spot those students who have that spark to do more, and might be interested in research or taking more advanced classes.

What do you hope your students are getting from your courses?

Obviously I hope they gain knowledge, but more importantly I hope they are able to become creative thinkers, and think critically about problems.  I also hope they gain independent learning skills.

What classes/topics do you teach?

Introduction to Real Analysis I and II, Complex Variables, Calculus I and II, Differential Equations, Business Calculus

Best advice for students?

Don’t be afraid of challenges, work hard, and dream big!

"I love working with students, to see them advance and grow in their time here. I enjoy working with the math student organizations and undergraduate research!"

What do you love about  mathematics?

Mathematics is great when you see the beauty of it. It is art of the mind.  Mathematics also allows us to solve real life problems.  You can use it to help analyze, explain and solve problems that we all deal with each day, like the financial crisis and disaster relief.  Mathematics is the foundation of sciences.

Do you advise any student organizations or research projects?

I am the advisor for the Math Club and the advisor for KME, Kappa Mu Epsilon-national mathematical honor society, Wisconsin Gamma Chapter.
I have done over 10 research projects with my undergraduate students, and am currently working on 2 projects.

Favorite UW - Eau Claire event?

The free Holiday concert done each year by our students and faculty!

Favorite Eau Claire restaurant?

Shanghai Bistro

Unique hobbies/interests?

I love to cook Chinese food!

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