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math Student Mitch
title-Math student Mitch


Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin


Mathematics and Physics 

Are you involved in any student organizations?

Yes, I am in the Math Club 

What is your favorite course?

Differential Geometry or Theoretical Mechanics 

Who is your favorite professor?

They are all great so it's difficult to say. 

Have you done research?


What is your research all about?

I've been involved in multiple projects, but one has to do with pattern avoidance. If given a set of permutations, can we count how many of these permutations avoid a given permutation.

Have you done any UW - Eau Claire related field trips or study abroad experiences?

Yes, two national math conferences in San Diego and Washington D.C. Also a conference in College Station, Texas and Kent, Ohio

What have been some of your favorite experiences as a math student?

Doing research and working in the math lab.

What is your favorite place on campus? 

The math department!

"Through research and small class sizes a student who attends UW-Eau Claire has a large advantage over a student who attends a larger institution."

 Have you presented at any conferences or authored or co-authored any papers?

I've given talks and presented posters in San Diego and Washington D.C. Also I am currently publishing 4 papers.

What is your dream job?

I would enjoy being a professor.

What is the coolest topic you have covered in math?

I like graph theory or topology (the study of surfaces).

Do you receive any help with money to do research or work in your area of study?

Yes, I've received multiple grants to work on research (at least 7 different grants).
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