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Taylor in Argentina
Geology Student Taylor


Eau Claire, WI


Geology and Geological Engineering Dual Degree

Have you done any UWEC- related field trips/study abroad experiences?

The Geology Department at UWEC is very strong in allowing their students to travel and learn how Geology works all around the world.  Geology courses have brought me to the Black Hills, northern Wisconsin, New Mexico, Montana, Argentina, Guatemala, and Belize.  A summer Biology course brought me to the Galapagos Islands.  Professional conferences have brought me to California, Missouri, and various locations within Wisconsin. The photo of me is from a Geological Field Excursion class to Argentina, our class hiked up the side of a canyon to observe the sedimentologic and volcanic processes that formed the base of this part of the Andes Mountains.

Have you done research?

I have been conducting research with Professor Katherine Grote since October of 2007. The main goal of our research is to determine the sampling depth of the Ground Penetrating Radar groundwave and to better characterize the parameters that affect the groundwave sampling depth.  I began learning about how the equipment worked and collecting data.  Eventually I became more comfortable with the equipment and was able to help interpret the data.  More experience led to planning experiments and site locations.  I have presented our research at Student Research Day several times, along with several professional conferences.  The experience and knowledge I have gained from conducting research has had a significant positive impact on my education here at UW- Eau Claire.

Have you been paid to do research or work in your area of study?

Yes, my research has been funded by USDA grants and ORSP.(Office of Research and Sponsored Programs)

What is the coolest topic you have covered in geology?

I find nearly everything in geology interesting, which made it difficult to decide on where to go next!

The field component of each class in the Geology department was by far my favorite part of my experience here at UW-Eau Claire.  My understanding of Geology would not be as extensive without these field opportunities.

What do you hope to do in the future?

Currently, I am transferring to the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities to complete the engineering portion of my dual degree.  From there, I would like to work as a Geological Engineer on groundwater remediation or to apply for graduate school.

What advice would you give to freshman?

Take every opportunity you can handle.  Opportunities don't necessarily fall into your hands; you must keep your eyes open and seek them out.  Make your best effort, even if you don't think it is worth it.  Others will recognize your efforts and more opportunities will come your way.

Why should a student study geology at UWEC?

The opportunities I have come across while attending UWEC as a geology student far surpass what I expected. I feel more than prepared for the next step in my life, whether it is obtaining a job in my field or continuing on to graduate school.
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