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student spotlight computer science
Computer Science Student Jessica
title- computer science student Jessica


Owatonna, MN


Computer Science, emphasis in Software Engineering


Spanish and Business Administration


President of Women in Information Technology Systems (WITS), Computer Science Department Representative on the Dean’s Student Advisory Council, Member of Student Association for Computing Machinery (S-ACM), Treasurer and Web Mistress for the V-Day Campaign, Community Service Chair for Campus Ambassadors

What is your favorite course?

CS 330 – programming languages

What are some of the most valuable skills or techniques that you’ve learned so far at UW - Eau Claire?

In the computer science department I’ve learned to work in teams and analyze and solve problems.  I’ve also been able to develop professionally through the different opportunities the department offers such as the career conference and internship mania.  Another way I have been able to work on professional development related to computer science is in my role as the president of WITS (Women In Technology Systems).

What do you love best about being a computer science student?

The camaraderie.  Any given time of the day I can go into a Phillips lab and find one of my friends to hang out with or get help with a project that’s been giving me trouble.  I also really enjoy the camaraderie that is evident with the professors.  Nearly every day of the week they can be seen in the cafeteria having lunch together.

"In the computer science department I’ve learned to work in teams and analyze and solve problems."

      Did you receive any help with money to do research or work in your area of study? 

The great thing about computer science is that pretty much all internships are paid, and there are an abundance of internships available!  There are also a lot of scholarships available.  I’ve been fortunate enough to receive the ESTEAM scholarship which pays for all of my fees.

What advice would you give to freshman?

Get to know your professors!  They’re your greatest resource and will give you recommendations and help you develop professionally.  Really, they’re not as scary as they’re made out to be!  

Have you had any internships or jobs related to your field?

Yes – in Summer 2008 I worked at 3M in St. Paul, MN in the Performance Testing group and this next summer 2009 I will be working at CH Robinson in Eden Prairie, MN as a developer.  
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