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student spotlight  computer science


Sobieski, WI


Computer Science, Software Engineering Emphasis 


Mathematics and Business Administration


I am President of Women in Information Technology Systems (WITS), an organization that supports and promotes women in computer science. I am also a member and web mistress of Campus Ambassadors, the student organization that promotes UWEC to prospective students. I participate in undergraduate research in the Computer Science department, and I am also a teacher's assistant for the introductory computer science courses. Finally, I also am actively involved in softball, volleyball, and basketball intramurals.

What is your favorite course?            

 I have enjoyed all of my courses so far, but if I have to choose, I would probably say CS 245 – Advanced Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures.

Have you been awarded any financial help to do research or work in your area of study?            

My research for the first two years of my undergraduate career was funded through my Blugold Fellowship Award. My current research is through the Karlgaard Computer Science Scholarship that I received. My Teacher's Assistant job is paid through the Computer Science department in combination with the Academic Skills Center. Overall, there have been so many resources that have supported me through all of my amazing experiences here at UWEC.

What advice would you give to freshman? 

I would advise freshman to get involved. There are so many opportunities present at UWEC; there is a place for everyone to fit in. Join an organization, get involved in your department, meet fellow students and make friends in and out of your major, and have fun!

What do you love about being a Computer Science 


I love being a Computer Science student for everything entailed, but one of the best parts is that we are spoiled with state-of-the-art laboratories, all on the first floor in Phillips (which means no need to climb stairs)! Our labs are so nice, clean, and comfortable, and they provide a welcoming environment that truly promotes camaraderie amongst the Computer Science students. 

"I love all of my professors. They are all so personable and show genuine interest in each student as an individual, and they truly care about the success of their students."

What skills or techniques in Computer Science have you learned at UWEC?            

In the Computer Science department at UWEC, I have really learned how to learn. Computer Science is such a broad topic with so much involved that the professors could never teach everything there is to know about Computer Science. So instead, they teach us the essentials, and they do it in a way that requires us, as students, to really invest ourselves along the way. They give challenging projects that require thought and research, which allows us to thoroughly learn not only the material that the project is based on, but also how to do necessary research to accomplish programming tasks. That way, once we graduate and work at a business, we have the ability to easily and efficiently learn the technology required for the job.

What do you hope to accomplish in the future?            

Next year I will have to start applying to Graduate Schools, so I hope to get accepted to a great Graduate School, finish out my UWEC degree strong, continue on to Graduate School, and then become a Computer Science professor, hopefully at UWEC!

Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.