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Student Spotlight Chemistry
Erin [chemistry major]
Erin [chemistry major]


Bloomer, WI


Chemistry and Math- Double Major


Chemistry Demo Show, ACS Chemistry Group, ESTEAM Scholar, Freshman Honor Society

Have you done research?

Yes, my research is a newer project we are starting from a grant we received to do the work. We hope to find ways to use less expensive materials to create more environmentally friendly products.  Currently we are in the trial and error stage of the process.  This research brings in organic and inorganic chemistry as well as quantum analysis; it truly brings in a lot of different aspects of chemistry.

Have you done any UW -  Eau Claire related field trips or study abroad experiences?

I haven't yet, however I hope to present my research in the future at conferences and gain travel and professional experiences through my research.

What are your favorite UW - Eau Claire events?

I love to go and listen to any of the A Cappella groups on campus!

What do you do in your free time?

I like to read, watch movies, play softball, and go back home to visit family and my dogs!

What skills or techniques in chemistry have you learned at UW - Eau Claire?

I have learned a lot of specific skills and how to tie them all together to examine the bigger picture.  You are able to learn to think through problems and find better ways to do things based on what we have learned.

"I like how I get to be in the lab and go beyond theory, I get a chance to do some hands on learning."

What advice would you give to freshman?

Try things! See what works for you, you don’t have to make up your mind right away, figure out what you love to do!

Have you had any internships or jobs related to your field?

My research is my job, during the summer and winter breaks I will be doing research here and getting paid for it.  

What is it like to be a chemistry student?

It is really hands on.  You have lab classes that allow you to use your skills, both technical and problem solving to work through questions and find an answer.

Any unanswered questions you hope to or wish to find the answer to? Future projects?

I hope to work on projects in the future that are relevant and can solve societal problems.

Why should a student study chemistry at           UW - Eau Claire?

The campus is great! It is an open, friendly and welcoming campus.  You also have the opportunity to do undergraduate research with passionate and knowledgeable faculty.

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