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Fenwood, WI


Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology


Molecular Movement/ University Band

What is your favorite course?

Bio 304: Molecular Biology.  Largely because of how it allowed me to connect so many concepts I had learned in other classes and gave me the tools to start performing some research on my own!

Who is your favorite professor?

Dr. Julie Anderson—Not only is she passionate about what she teaches, she is ALWAYS willing to help students and answer any questions they may have.  She makes an effort to learn her students' first names and enjoys talking to students about their career goals and personal aspirations!

What is the coolest thing/topic you have covered in biology?

Understanding how natural processes such as programmed cell death are being manipulated to treat things such as cancer.  It's amazing to think that in a few years, some cancers could be treated biologically, not by a cocktail of harmful medications.  I also really enjoyed the topic of genetically modified foods and having structured debates in class on whether these foods pose a threat to humans.

Have you done research? If so what are you researching?

In many individuals who have compromised immune systems, such as cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or HIV/AIDS patients, fungal infections tend to be quite common and a threat to their health.  The most common type of fungal infection involves a type of yeast that switches from a harmless to a disease-causing state.  We believe a specific gene is involved in this conversion process.  Therefore, we are trying to better understand this gene's role by expressing it in another type of yeast that is otherwise harmless.  By doing so, we hope to better understand how this conversion occurs, which could lead to new treatments for this type of infection. 

Have you had any internships or jobs related to your field?

Yes, I participated in a paid-internship at a genetic testing company in central Wisconsin.  This allowed me to see biology carried out in a business setting, an experience I could not get in the classroom. 

 "I love being part of such a dynamic department.  Something new is happening almost all the time.  I often hear about the new experiences my fellow classmates have had, or the research grants that have been awarded to professors in the department." 

What is your dream job?

Laboratory manager where I am able to work with a group of people and carry out research on a topic of my choice with a large budget! 

What advice would you give to freshman?

Get to know your professors!  Remember that professors are teaching because they want to help students learn about the fields they are so passionate about!  The great thing about UW-Eau Claire is that students have the opportunity to know their professors on a first-name basis.  Use this to your advantage and ask questions when you need help.  Not only will it help you learn the material better, but you will have made contacts which will be vital in whatever you pursue after your time at UWEC.

What do you do in your free time?

I love to rollerblade or bike on the many trails in the city of Eau Claire. The Department of Music puts on many concerts throughout the year that are great to attend, including Cabaret. I love seeing the Blugold Marching Band at the footballs games played at Carson Park each fall as well.

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