UW-Eau Claire's environmental studies programs offer interdisciplinary majors and minors providing students with a unique set of skills to prepare students for many careers in environmental studies and sciences. Students benefit from local and global field work, and research throughout the state and to places such as the Galapagos Islands and The Rocky Mountains.  Working collaboratively with faculty whose expertise is vast and comprehensive allows students to learn from top scholars in the field.

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Honors program students conduct on campus sustainability research

environmental majors and minors


Ecology and Environmental Biology

Ecology and Environmental Biology- Comprehensive Major

The comprehensive major in Ecology and Environmental Biology involves the study of ecological systems from the individual to the ecosystem-level and explores the effects of humans and human society on these systems.  This major provides extensive exposure to topics in ecology, field biology, and biological conservation.  It is intended for students who are interested in field research, environmental monitoring and management, or natural resource conservation, or who desire strong preparation for graduate programs in ecology, environmental biology, or related fields. More information

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Environmental Geography- Comprehensive Major 

Geographers describe and explain the patterns and processes of natural environmental systems and the human habitation of the earth. They emphasize the importance of the location of people, places, and events; the physical and human characteristics of regions; and the relations between culture and environment.  Geographers are increasingly in demand for jobs that require expertise in geospatial techniques, such as geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS), remote sensing, and computer cartography. UW-Eau Claire's Geospatial Certificate Program provides students with the fundamentals and a working knowledge of the core geospatial technology skills, specifically geographic information systems, remote sensing, field data collection (GPS and surveying) and spatial thinking, providing students an opportunity to add a specific high demand set of skills and associated credentials onto their already marketable liberal arts degree from UW-Eau Claire. More information

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Environmental Geology- Comprehensive Major

Geology is the study of the earth and earth processes. Geologists work to solve environmental problems and supervise the exploration and development of earth resources. They are employed in industry, by governmental and regulatory agencies, and as educators. Although some geology majors continue their studies in graduate school, a bachelor's degree in geology allows options in professional fields such as environmental geology, resource law, and engineering. More information


Hydro-geology- Comprehensive Major

The comprehensive major in Hydrogeology includes identifying groundwater supplies and the impacts of groundwater extraction, remediating contaminated groundwater and soil, and understanding the interaction between groundwater and surface water.   This major provides students with a solid background in field-based hydrogeology and prepares them for immediate employment after graduation or for graduate programs in environmental studies, geology, engineering, hydrology, or environmental law.  Graduates of this program usually have careers in water management, environmental consulting, or environmental regulation. More information

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The Environmental Public Health major, the Environmental Science minor and the Environment, Society, and Culture minor are coordinated by the Watershed Institute for Collaborative Environmental Studies(WICES). WICES encourages students, faculty, and staff from various programs and departments to examine and address environmental challenges through courses,research, and community engagement.

Environmental Public Health

Environmental Public Health- Comprehensive Major

The field of environmental public health is composed of professionals who control environmental health hazards; and preserve and improve environmental factors for the achievement of optimum health, safety, comfort and sustainability. Environmental health professionals serve the public, ensuring that food, water, housing, workplace conditions, and recreational facilities are safe; while controlling risks from toxic substances, infectious diseases, pests, radiation, disasters and overconsumption.More information

Environmental Science Class

Environmental Science- Minor 

The environmental science minor focuses on the application of current scientific understanding to environmental challenges and solutions,to encourage informed and intelligent decision-making this minor. More information 

Environment society and culture minor

Environment, Society and Culture- Minor 

The Environment, Society, and Culture minor is designed to enable students to probe the human dimensions of environmental issues through a variety of courses crossing many disciplines. Built around a core science requirement, the program is rounded out with courses in ethics, philosophy/religion, economics—courses that look at social conflict and the policy that engenders and addresses conflict. More information



UW-Eau Claire has been named as one of Princeton Review's Green Colleges once again!

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The Watershed Institute for Collaborative Environmental Studies  is a highly distinctive academic program in which we seek to remain engaged in the world while being centered in the place we inhabit, and we strive at all times to be ecologically aware and ethically intentional in our lives and actions. You can major in Environmental Public Health or pursue a minor in Environmental Science or in Environment, Society and Culture. Or just take courses from one of our faculty or affiliates!


Travel a green path at UW-Eau Claire 

The Sustainability Living Learning Communityallows students to examine how their life choices affect the environment, social equity, the economy and people's health.  Students in any major are welcome.

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