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Special Students

You are considered a special student if you have graduated from a recognized high school, or have the educational equivalent and demonstrate ability to succeed in college level work, but are not currently seeking a degree at UW-Eau Claire. Admission criteria for special students are more flexible than for degree seeking students.  Please see the below information on how to apply as a special student.

(Please note:  If you are a high school student or counselor and would like to find out information regarding taking college coursework while in high school, please see the Youth Options/High School Special/Course Options Enrollment website.  Or, if you have earned a bachelor degree and are interested in pursuing a teaching certification, please see the websites regarding Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Certification and Frequently Asked Questions for Post-Bacc Teaching Certification.)

Financial Aid:

Special students are not eligible for financial aid.  They may apply for the Returning Adult Student Fund through Nontraditional Student Services, and are eligible to work on campus as a non-federal student employee.

Application Process:

1. Apply online at Click on Special Student (undergraduate or graduate) after registering as a new user. As long as you are ApplyNow-Goldenrolling in consecutive semesters, you will not need to reapply each semester.  Please note: if you provide an email address, all correspondence will be via email.

2. Review information received by mail from the Registration Office:  Information will be sent to you via mail or email the day your application is processed.  Please review that information and complete the steps required.  You can contact the Registration Office for additional questions at (715) 836-2425.

3. Submit a $100 tuition deposit.   You can submit the tuition deposit either online or by mail:

  • The preferred method is to pay the $100 tuition deposit online at  You can choose to pay by credit card or with a direct transfer from a personal checking or savings account.  If you choose the option to pay with a credit card, select "registration deposit" for the term in which you were admitted (fall, winterim, spring or summer). 


  • Submit the $100 tuition deposit by mailing a check.  Checks can be made payable to University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  Checks can be mailed to :

                    University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
                    Cashier’s Office
                    P.O. Box 5000
                    Eau Claire, WI  54702

4.  Watch for email (or mailing if no email provided) with information on activating your account.  This will include your username and password which will be needed for all additional steps. 

5. Electronically sign your Payment Plan Agreement.  The Payment Plan Agreement form will be available online 2 business days after your tuition deposit has been received.  You will receive instructions on this process in the information from Registration via email (or mail).

6.  When your application and $100 tuition deposit, with Payment Plan Agreement, is received and cleared through the Business Office, the system will automatically generate an appointment time for you to register for classes.   

7.  For questions regarding submitting the tuition deposit and Payment Plan Agreement, please contact the Business Office (715) 836-5907 or
You will be emailed a bill with the remainder of your tuition amount.   
If you decide to cancel admission, please email to notify 
of the cancellation and your $100 tuition deposit will be refunded.   


Because of the demand for some courses and limitations on enrollment, degree-seeking students will be given priority over Special Students.  Graduate special students can register as soon as a deposit has cleared the system and an online Payment Plan Agreement has been submitted.    

Review information received by mail from the Registration Office:  Information will be sent to you via mail or email the day your application is processed.  Please review that information and complete the steps required.  You can contact the Registration Office for additional questions at (715) 836-2425.

Permissions: Some courses require permission to enroll from the department or an instructor.  If you have any questions as to whether the course you would like to take requires permission, please contact the department offering the course.  All departments (not Registration or Admission Offices) give out student permissions and overrides.  Please contact the department offering the course.

Advisor: Your assigned advisor will be Bonnie Isaacson.  She advises all special students at UW-Eau Claire (except high school specials).  Please contact her for further information regarding advising questions: (Note:  All special students follow the same academic policies as degree seeking students including withdrawal procedures and academic standing.  A suspended student may not enroll as a special student at UW-Eau Claire during the fall or spring semesters until the suspension has expired.)

If you are a special student and would like to become a degree seeking student, please contact the Admissions Office The Admissions Office can discuss with you how your credits as a special student can apply towards a degree at UW-Eau Claire and how you can apply as a degree seeking student.

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