Youth Options/High School Special/Course Options Enrollment

Application Deadlines to the University: June 1 for the fall semester, November 1 for the spring semester, and May 1 for the summer session. (YOP and Course Option students may have earlier dates to notify their school boards.) The Office of Admissions must receive all paperwork by the deadline date.

There are three ways of enrolling as a "Youth Option/High School Special/Course Option" student at the University:

  • The Youth Option Program, requires approval by the school district to participate (school pays).
  • High School Special, requires that the student be identified by the high school as a “high-potential precollege” student (student pays).
  • The Course Option Program, requires approval by the school district to participate (school pays)

  1. Student may apply as an Open Enrollment Student. Admissions criteria: must be a junior or senior in the top 25% of the class OR in the top 50% of their class with an ACT composite of 24 or greater (SAT V+M of 1110 or greater).
  2. If the student doesn’t meet the above criteria, he/she will need to apply as an Exception Enrollment Student. Admissions criteria: usually a high school student who can provide substantial and convincing letters of recommendation and/or data demonstrating high ability in a specific area of University study. (Attach the documentation to the application.) For more information, contact the UW-Eau Claire Admission Office.


More information will be provided soon about the application form and process.


Juniors and seniors who wish to enroll at the University should contact their high school counselor on procedures to notify the school district and to submit courses for consideration for meeting high school credit requirements.

1. You must complete a PI-8700 form.  Information regarding the PI-8700 and all other forms and information for Youth Option students can be found at:

2. After the school district has given permission and approved coursework, student MUST submit to the Office of Admissions:

3. When the University receives all these documents the student will be notified if admitted and given instructions on meeting with an adviser, registration, payment procedures, etc.

4. In subsequent semesters, student needs to submit the Youth Options/High School Application and an OFFICIAL high school transcript.

The University will notify the school board within 30 days of student's enrollment.



High-potential precollege students in high school may take coursework while in high school upon the recommendation of their counselor or principal and high school teachers.

1. The following documents MUST be received by the Office of Admissions:

2.When the University receives all these documents, student will be notified if accepted and given instructions on meeting with an ad­viser, registration, payment procedures, etc.

3. In subsequent semesters, student needs to submit the Youth Options/High School Application and an OFFICIAL high school transcript.

Since both Youth Option Program participants and high school specials registration for courses is on a space available basis, the University recommends that several courses be approved at the time of school district approval; otherwise a student may find all approved courses filled and no option to enroll at the University. The Office of Registration may be able to supply information on possible spaces in courses at the end of freshman orientation in late July for the fall semester.

Approval by your school district does not guarantee admission to the University.

It is very important that high school special students realize that they are starting their higher educational record. Poor performance in a class could effect admission to a college or university in the future. All students are required to report all academic work to colleges and universities when they apply. Students are advised to work closely with their school counselor and with their University academic adviser to assure their success.

Special students are limited to six credits or two courses per semester, whichever is greater. Courses should be limited to beginning level (100/200) courses not having a prerequisite. Students should have exhausted all course work offered at the high school before considering advanced course work at the University.

If a student is approved to take coursework under the Youth Option Program and then registers for coursework that has not been approved by the school district, the student must notify school board immediately.

If you have any questions about the procedures, please contact your high school counselor and/ or the Office of Admissions at the University (715-836-2311).

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