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Graduate Application Fee Policy

A non-refundable graduate application fee of $56 shall be assessed by the University for the application for admission. The fee does not apply toward the student's other tuition and fees. The fee is good for four full semesters (two years).

Specific Collection Policies

  1. Graduate applicants may apply to one program at a time. There is no waiver of the application fee. If an applicant is applying for a second graduate degree, (the first from UW-Eau Claire), or if they have been previously admitted to and enrolled in a UW-Eau Claire graduate program, they will not be assessed the application fee again. If the first graduate degree is from any other institution, an application fee will be assessed. Students applying to be reclassified will not be assessed an application (processing) fee. Reclassification is an accepted graduate student requesting to change programs. If an applicant is admitted, but does not enroll at any time during the first two years, they will need to reapply and update their application and pay a new application fee.
  2. If an applicant is denied for one program and then wants to be considered for the same or a different program within two years of the receipt of the initial application fee, a new fee is not required.

Approved by the Graduate Studies

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