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If you choose to be an undeclared student you will be welcomed, understood and supported at UW-Eau Claire. Through the Advising Office you will have an academic adviser who has the curricular and career expertise to help you explore majors. Many students want more information about themselves, the university environment and potential careers before they decide on their major.

Unsure of a major? You are not alone

About one third of new freshmen are undeclared. Of the remaining two thirds who arrive at the university with a declared major, 60 percent will change their major at least once before graduating. So, most students are undecided at some point in their college career!

How to choose

It is far better to systematically decide on a major than to jump into one prematurely. Selecting a major is made up of three components: First learn more about yourself; then, learn about academic disciplines at the university level; and finally learn about careers available to you. You can analyze this information and follow a logical decision making process.

Expert adviser

As an undeclared student you will be assigned to an adviser in the Advising office who understands academic policies and the curricular requirements for every major on

campus. Your adviser will help you meet university graduation requirements and suggest courses that fulfill requirements in a number of majors. You will be advised based on the academic areas you are considering and encouraged to explore courses in a major or directed to a department to meet with a faculty member. At the same time, your adviser will help you through a process of research, analysis and decision making that will lead to an informed decision.

Expected graduation

If you work with an adviser each semester from the time you arrive at UW-Eau Claire, you will be able to finish most majors within four years.


Studnets studying

Course work

Most students take 30 credits (15 per semester) in the first year. Courses commonly include those that meet the university graduation requirements and general education.

Suggested freshman curriculum

• University writing
  requirement — depending
  on placement exam.
  For test-out options, see
  Blugold Seminar/test-out.
• Language course
  — depending on
  placement exam and
  programs of interest
• Mathematics course —
  depending on
  placement exam and
  programs of interest
• General education
  courses in the sciences,
  social sciences and
Advising information

Major and Career Services Fair

The Majors and Career Services Fair is held twice during the fall semester and twice in the spring semester. This is a good time for undeclared students to meet with different departments. It has representatives from various departments on campus.

Contact Information

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Available resources

• The Career Discovery Lab, located in Schofield Hall, Room 226, right next to the
  Advising office, has information - books, pamphlets, videos, computer programs -
  about all majors at UW-Eau Claire and hundred of careers.
• We administer the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  as well as other inventories to help you identify your interests, values, skills and
  personality traits. While you may already have had a “career test” that didn’t help
  you much, you can rest assured that the staff in Advising and Career Services will
  help you understand the results so that they are meaningful to you.
• A one-credit course, Gen 250: Academic and Career Exploration, helps you
  explore options while receiving academic credit.
• Check out this website for more information on Academic Advising:
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