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Religious Studies 

At UW-Eau Claire 

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Religious Studies is the exploration of the expression of religion in human cultures. Students study the history of religions and learn to analyze the interaction of religions and cultures across the globe and across time. Religion is a major force in human experience. It has shaped the world’s history, literature, art, culture, politics, ethics and economics. Religious traditions have laid the foundation for human rights, social justice, toleration and world peace. Exploring religion in an academic setting is essential preparation for any profession today.

Why UW-Eau Claire

We are home to one of the few Philosophy and Religious Studies departments in the state. Through classroom discussions, research projects, independent apprenticeship courses and directed

religious studies student

 studies, you will examine the meaning of religion and gain knowledge about world religions.You will explore indigenous traditions like Native American, Hmong and shamanism; Western religions like Islam, Judaism and Christianity; and Eastern religions like Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Shinto.

Excellent preparation

Religious Studies is an excellent background for many careers. This major provides rich preparation for careers that require specialized knowledge, sensitivity and skills in relating to people of various cultures. It also offers excellent preparation for educators and for graduate study in a wide range of ?elds. Our majors consistently earn top scores and go on to study in ?rst-rate graduate and professional programs.

High caliber faculty

Our faculty is made up of professors who received graduate degrees from such universities as Vanderbilt, Iowa, Virginia, Syracuse and Marquette. We give our students careful personal attention and are devoted to student success.

Other opportunities

Students have opportunities to engage in collaborative research with faculty, work as research assistants on faculty projects and learn about the intricacies of life as a university professor through academic apprenticeships. We also have a chapter of the national religious studies honor society, Theta Alpha Kappa.

Published faculty

Our faculty are well-published and engaged in ongoing research. We research and write books and essays on topics that include the problem of evil, religious violence, psychology of religion, new religious movements, Islam and pop culture, philosophy and pop culture, religion on the Internet, scholarship of teaching, forgiveness and rational disagreement. See the department faculty Web pages for specifics.


Religious Studies, Liberal Arts


Religious Studies, Liberal Arts


Did you know?

UW-Eau Claire religious studies alum Justin Vernon and his band, Bon Iver, won Grammys for the best new artist and best alternative album in 2012. The band has performed on “Saturday Night Live” and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

Suggested freshman curriculum

Take one of these before other RELS courses:

RELS 100, Intro to the
  Religions of the World
RELS 110, Basic Issues
  in Religion
RELS 210, Religion and

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Apprenticeship  courses

Students can gain credit(s) in apprenticeship courses within the department, the most popular being the teaching apprenticeship courses.

Our graduates

Our alumni have gone on to positions at such places as the Smithsonian Institution, Teach For America, Interfaith Network, Freedom From Religion Foundation, United Way and Veterans Affairs. Graduates include a Grammy Award-winning musician, college recruiter, youth services coordinator, public relations specialist, lawyer, psychologist, family counselor and minister.
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