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UW-Eau Claire’s pre-med program prepares students specifically for admission into medical school. Acceptance into medical school requires a bachelor's degree and specific pre-requisite courses. Because the specific requirements of professional medical schools vary, students should obtain admission information from the schools in which they are interested, and a pre-med adviser at UW-Eau Claire will help you plan an appropriate curriculum.

Pre-med program

The courses recommended in the pre-medicine program do not constitute an academic major but are the courses required for entrance into the majority of medical schools. They also provide you with the information needed to obtain competitive scores on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), which is required for entrance into medical school. Courses in biology and chemistry form the core of the pre-medicine curriculum, and UW-Eau Claire has strong programs in both disciplines.

Choosing a major

The pre-medicine program is not an academic major. You must select a major and minor in order to graduate. Most pre-medicine students at UW-Eau Claire major in biology, chemistry,  biochemistry or molecular biology, but any major is acceptable. Modern medical schools place an emphasis on science aptitude; however they also expect good communication skills and health related service experiences. Admission committees consider applicants from a wide variety of academic backgrounds, as long as they have completed the core group of pre-medicine courses, maintain a high grade-point average (3.6 or higher), and obtain above average scores on the MCAT. In other words, there is no “official” pre-med major.

Health careers advising

At the new pre-professional Health Careers Center, students will find resources, 

workshop information, advisors, program materials, and course information to help them prepare for a health professional program or medical school. In addition, each pre-medicine student is assigned an adviser who provides individualized attention to students and is available to answer questions about medical programs, courses and other concerns. Advisers also have up-to-date information on the admission requirements of local medical schools.
Placement into professional programs

The majority of Wisconsin residents attend either the University of Wisconsin Medical School in Madison or the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. Minnesota residents typically attend a University of Minnesota Medical School in the Twin Cities or Duluth. Other UW-Eau Claire graduates have attended private medical schools or schools of osteopathy all over the country.

Competitive placement and experience

The pre-medicine program has been very successful in preparing students for careers in medicine. You’ll benefit from the location of UW-Eau Claire between two nationally recognized health institutes: the Mayo Clinic and the Marshfield Clinic. The proximity of these facilities, along with the number of health care facilities in the city of Eau Claire, creates opportunities to gain jobs, internships, and service learning hours without having to look very far!

pre-med student

Suggested freshman curriculum

- Foundations of Biology
  I and II
- General Chemistry or
  Chemical Principles
- Math
- General education
- Cell Biology and Genetics
- General Chemistry or
  Quantitative Analysis
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Did you know?

Data from the Mayo Clinic indicate that 10-15% of their employees in laboratory medicine are Biochemistry/Molecular Biology (B/MB) graduates from UW-Eau Claire. 

Additionally, of 33 recent B/MB graduates, 45% are in regional graduate programs, 18% are in area professional schools, and 12% are employed in academic or industrial laboratories.

More career information

Places our grads go

- Medical College of Wisconsin
- University of Illinois at
  Chicago School of Medicine
- University of Minnesota
  Medical School
- University of Wisconsin
  School of Medicine and
  Public Health

- Chicago College of
  Osteopathic Medicine-
  Midwestern University
- Philadelphia College of
  Osteopathic Medicine
- Kansas City University of
  Medicine and Biosciences
- Osteopathic School in
  Des Moines University
- University of Iowa Carver
  College of Medicine
- Drexel University,
  Philadelphia, Pa.

Program contact information

Julie Anderson
715-836-4166 or
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Recommended high school preparations

High school students who plan to enter the pre-medicine program should take a college preparatory sequence which contains four years of English, mathematics and science, including at least one year each of biology, chemistry and physics. Advanced courses in the sciences, especially chemistry, are helpful but not required. In addition advanced courses in math are also encouraged to meet the requirements of introductory science courses at UW-Eau Claire.
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