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Latin American Studies 

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The globally interdependent nature of today’s world makes second language proficiency and cross-cultural understanding valuable assets for students in any field. Students in the Latin American Studies program (LAS) can develop a high proficiency in Spanish through the LAS core language courses and study abroad requirements. Students also gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of Latin America and Latinos/Hispanics in the United States through an array of courses from multiple disciplines.

In demand

The significant Latino/Hispanic population in the United States and the increasing social, cultural and economic interconnectedness between the countries and peoples of the hemisphere will increase the demand for professionals who are both proficient in the Spanish language  and prepared to work with Latinos/Hispanics and the people of Latin America.

Research with faculty

Our faculty offer top notch advising and include students in a variety of researchopportunities. For example, students may engage in faculty/student research collaborations, international or domestic internships, diversity mentoring projects,

 the International Fellows Program and student-designed independent studies. 

Language immersion

The unique Spanish language requirement in the LAS program provides students with the skills necessary to effectively communicate with Spanish speakers. Students must spend a minimum of six weeks of language immersion either abroad in an approved program in Latin America or participate in an approved alternative intercultural experience. UW-Eau Claire offers a Spanish Living Learning Community to introduce students and the Eau Claire community to the various aspects of the Spanish-speaking world.

Did you know?

• Starting salaries for students graduating with proficiency in one or more foreign languages are at least 20 percent higher than for students who speak English only! 
• Students majoring or minoring in LAS also cover most of their general education requirements through the LAS core curriculum.
• Many students find completing a LAS and Spanish major/minor to be a logical combination.

LAS student


• Latin American Studies,
  Liberal Arts

Comprehensive majors

(require no minor)
• Latin American Studies,
  Liberal Arts
* Latin American Studies,

*Leads to licensure to teach Spanish in grades


Latin American Studies, Liberal Arts

Course work

The interdisciplinary Latin American Studies major and minor programs include extensive coursework in Spanish to provide students with the proficiency necessary to communicate effectively with Spanish speakers. Students are also required to take LAS 150 – Introduction to Latin American Studies along with relevant courses in art, anthropology/geography, history, economics, political science and other disciplines.
More advising information

Students are strongly advised to enroll in Spanish courses during their first year at the university and not wait until later semesters. This way they may continue with their language training obtained in high school without losing practice and further develop their language proficiency, study abroad and/or participate in an international internship.

Our graduates

Latin American Studies graduates work in a spectrum of fields including language interpretation and translation, international business, domestic and international non-profit organizations, K-12 Spanish and bilingual

education, government agencies, and/or further their education through a master’s or doctoral degree.
More career information

Places you’ll find recent graduates:

• Non-profit Organization
  Project Manager,
  Mayflower Medical
  Outreach, Jinotega,
• Masters in ELL/Bilingual
  Education and Bilingual
  Education teacher,
  Darlington School District,
  Darlington, WI
• Interpreter at Interpreter
  Services, Austin Medical
  Center-Mayo Health System,
  Austin, MN
• Fulbright English
  Teaching Assistants,
  Brazil and Argentina
• Bilingual Behavioral
  Health Case Manager
  Sea Mar Community
  Health Centers,
  Seattle, WA

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