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Kinesiology (Human Performance emphasis) 

at UW-EauClaire

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The Human Performance program is the largest emphasis within the department of Kinesiology and currently serves more than 300 undergraduate students. You will gain in-depth knowledge in your field as you select from four areas of specialization: fitness management, health promotion, sport performance and pre-professional study.

Facilities for hands-on work

UW-Eau Claire’s Exercise Physiology Lab is a research facility where students gain hands-on experience evaluating human performance and researching fitness and performance. The Kinesiology department is dedicated to providing hands-on work that sets you apart from other graduates. The Physiology Lab is expanding in size and serves undergraduates – with commitment to undergraduate-level research.

Committed to the community

The Community Fitness Program allows undergraduate students to work in an adult fitness program each semester. The program attracts members of the Eau Claire community who are looking to begin a physical activity program. Students are responsible for working with clients in the areas of needs assessment, program planning, implementation and evaluation.

Certified success

The course work in the Exercise and Rehabilitation Science program will prepare you for professional certification in the field of health, fitness, disease management, or strength and conditioning. Students typicallywill pursue certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning 

Association, National Academy of Sports Medicine or American Council on Exercise. Our graduates have achieved a nearly 100 percent pass rate for these various national certification exams.

Internship experience

Students are required to complete an internship for the major, and UW-Eau Claire kinesiology students compete for many national internships. The most popular sites for internships include fitness centers, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and chiropractic centers.

Research for every student

The Journal of Undergraduate Ki­nesiology Research is a peer-reviewed journal founded for the purpose of publishing undergraduate student research and to provide undergraduate students with valuable experience in the peer-review and publication process. Senior Kinesiology/Human Performance majors are required to complete a research project, and outstanding research is submitted by faculty to national scholarly journals.

Kinesiology-HP student

Kinesiology teaching swimming


• Kinesiology
• Athletic Training (see
  separate Fact Sheet)

Areas of emphasis

• Kinesiology-Human
  Performance offers
  four areas of specialization
  • Fitness Management
  • Health Promotion
  • Sport Performance
  • Pre-Professional
    • Pre-Physical Therapy
    • Pre-Occupational
    • Pre-Chiropractic


• Science of Coaching
• Adaptive Physical
• Kinesiology


We are recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) for certified strength and conditioning.

Did you know?

UW-Eau Claire has partnered with internship sites across the U.S. You could go to:
• Function First in San
  Diego, CA
• Verizon Wireless in
  Irvine, CA
• Cooper Institute in
  Dallas, TX
• Health Fitness
  Corporation in
  Minneapolis , MN
• Land’s End Comer Health
  and Fitness Center in
  Dodgeville, WI
• Lifetime Fitness in
  Minneapolis, MN
• Luther Midelfort Hospital
  in Eau Claire, WI
• Med X of Estes in Estes
  Park, CO
• U.S. Olympic Training
  Center in Colorado
  Springs, CO
• Train 4 the Game in
  Austin, TX

Our graduates

Typical careers for graduates in this field include personal training at fitness centers, performance training for athletes and teams, research, worksite-health promotion and cardiac rehabilitation. Many students choose to continue their education in this field.
More career information

Places you’ll find recent graduates:

• Wellness Coach,
  Group Health,
  Eau Claire, WI
• Personal Trainer/Group
  Fitness Instructor,
  The Marsh, Minnetonka, MN
• Research Assistant,
  University of Colorado
  Health Sciences Center,
  Denver, CO
• Exercise Physiologist,
  Fitcorp Healthcare,
  Boston, MA
• Fitness Instructor,
  Lifetime Fitness,
  Minneapolis, MN

Department contact information

Michelle Mattes

note wide
Admission requirements
• G.P.A. 2.75
• individual performances in 3 classes: Kins 304, 308, 309
• resume and application
• students can apply during sophomore year
• 40% is G.P.A., 24% outside requirements, 36% is performance
Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.