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Are you intrigued by events and people from the past? Ever wonder how the interactions between the diverse peoples and cultures of the past shape our lives today? As a History major you will explore how men and women, famous and ordinary, lived in the past. You will obtain the kind of perspective that is valuable in evaluating the institutions, ideas and values of the present day. You will develop an understanding of how and why societies and cultures change or do not change over time.

Strong skills

You will learn to read critically, manage and analyze information, build logical arguments and write persuasively. You will also learn to conduct independent research, evaluate the views of historical scholars and produce a major research paper. Whether you’re preparing for graduate studies, a career in teaching or numerous other fields, UW-Eau Claire’s History major provides the optimal setting to earn your degree.


Public History majors are required to complete an internship for credit before graduation. Public History interns from UW-Eau Claire regularly work at the Chippewa Valley Museum and at a variety of other historical organizations throughout Wisconsin. Most internships offer academic credit and some are paid.

Why UW-Eau Claire?

The senior thesis ensures that every history major will conduct research; this is a unique and marketable advantage. In addition, we have professional historians in U.S., European, Asian, Middle East and Latin American history who can prepare you with a breadth of knowledge that will enable you to succeed in the 21st-century world.

Get personal

All students write a senior thesis; this is an original piece of extensive research based on primary sources. During this process, you’ll work collaboratively with the professor leading the seminar and with a cooperating professor of your choice. In fact, our History department faculty members received the 1992 and 1997 UW System Regents Award for Excellence in Teaching and a departmental teaching award in 2006.

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History, Liberal arts
History, Liberal arts, Public
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History, Teaching


History, Liberal Arts
History, Teaching

Course work

Most students take 30 credits (15 credits each semester) their freshman year.

Suggested freshman curriculum

• World History to 1500
• University writing
  on placement exam.
  for test-out options, see
• World History since 1500
• Social Science electives
• Natural Science electives
• Humanities electives
• Communication elective
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Why not?

Since summer 2013, Public History students will have an opportunity to learn about preservation and interpretation in England during a short-term study abroad program created in collaboration with Harlaxton College.

Our graduates

The skills History majors gain in research, analysis and writing are valued by a variety of businesses and public sector employers. Typical positions for history majors include teaching; working for a government agency as a researcher, analyst or information processor; or working at a museum, historic preservation agency or historic park.

More career information

Places you’ll find recent graduates:

• Small Exhibit Coordinator,
  Chippewa Valley Museum,
  Eau Claire, WI
• Administrative Trainee,
  Quad Graphics, Inc.
• Legislative Aide,
  State of Wisconsin
• Social Studies Teacher,
  Maple Grove School District,
  Maple Grove, MN
• Curator, Green Bay
  Packers Hall of Fame

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