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Education - Elementary (grades 1-8) 

at UW-EauClaire

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Teaching children and young adolescents is a very important and personally rewarding occupation. Becoming a successful elementary/middle school teacher requires hard work, creativity and responsibility. Teachers must understand the children they teach, know the content knowledge and communicate effectively. Great teachers are knowledgeable across broad content area.

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The UW-Eau Claire Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence program leads to licensure to teach in elementary and middle-level schools in Grades 1-8 in the state of Wisconsin.

The Education Advantage

UW-Eau Claire has earned an excellent reputation for the quality of its preparation of teachers, and its graduates are employed throughout Wisconsin and the United States. Elementary education is one of the largest majors at UW-Eau Claire. It is a very competitive and selective program that offers one-on-one relationships with faculty who practice what they preach, allowing for opportunities for student teaching abroad, excellent networking with school districts, and strong collaboration among faculty across the College of Arts and Sciences to develop relevant course content for future teachers.

Confirm your passion

Instructional and informational technology are well integrated throughout the program, providing for mastery of emergent tools and materials. Early in the program, students work in schools to become acquainted with the professional responsibilities associated with the profession and to examine their education and career goals.

Student teaching

An extended period of student teaching is required during a professional semester that allows students to apply their knowledge. Students may participate in overseas student teaching experiences through Educators Abroad and still meet Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requirements. Students may also participate in student teaching experiences in a wide variety of settings outside of the Eau Claire area. Some examples of the immersion programs are Aldine School district in Texas, UW-System Urban Institute of Milwaukee Public Schools, Lac Courte Oreilles Indian reservations and Washington, D.C.

Great opportunities

The extras can make all the difference! At UW-Eau Claire, campus resources such as the Human Development Center and the children’s literature collection help students become outstanding teachers. In addition, student organizations, such as the Future Teacher’s Club and Student Wisconsin Education Association (SWEA), provide extra social and learning opportunities for students in education.

elementary education student

elementary education class


Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence (teaching in grades 1-8, ages 6-13)


• French
• General Science
• German
• Language Arts
• Learning disabilities
• Library Science
• Mathematics
• Science of Coaching
• Social Studies
• Spanish
• Teaching English to Speakers
  of Other Languages
• Theatre Arts

Suggested freshman curriculum

• University writing
  on placement exam.
  For test-out options, see
• Intro to Cultural
• Intro to the Visual Arts
• Fundamentals of Speech
• Physical Science


Special admission requirements

Admission to the UW-Eau Claire Teacher Education MCEA (Elementary) program requires passing the Praxis I test of math, reading and writing, or have the required ACT/SAT/GRE scores as well as demonstrating success in the university’s pre-program course (ES 203). Admission to the pre-program requires achieving a 2.75 minimum grade point average and earning a grade of C or higher in Blugold Seminar in Critical Reading & Writing.

• Mathematics for
  Teachers I
• General Biology
• Western Civilization to 1660
• American National Politics
• Physical Education
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Our graduates

Typical positions held by elementary education graduates include teaching grades 1-8 in public or private schools.
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Places you’ll find recent graduates:

• Teacher, Madison School
  District, Madison, WI
• English Teacher in France
  for 7-11 yr. olds, French
  Government, France
* Social Studies teacher,
  Houston, TX
• Gr. 3 Teacher
  Chippewa Area
  Catholic Schools
• Substitute Teacher,
  Eau Claire Area
  School District

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Kelly Berg-Schwartz 

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