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Criminal Justice 

at UW-EauClaire

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The criminal justice major at UW-Eau Claire will help you prepare for graduate level work in criminal justice and law, and for careers at the local, state and federal levels in law enforcement, corrections and court related agencies. This major is designed for those concerned about crime and justice in America and intellectually motivated to do something about it.

Unique perspective

This is the university’s largest multidisciplinary program with about 300 students in the major. Courses include political science, psychology, sociology, social work and philosophy. UW-Eau Claire’s criminal justice program combines this interdisciplinary coursework with practical experience, putting our graduates in high demand. In addition, we offer a rigorous liberal arts-based academic program that prepares students for success in graduate programs and law school.

The Advantages

Some advantages criminal justice majors enjoy at UW-Eau Claire include small classes at the upper division level; a broad range of internship choices for students; and funded opportunities for student-faculty collaborative research. All these opportunities help students to do their best.

On the job experience

Students can gain in-depth exposure to a topic by working one-on-one with faculty through independent and directed study opportunities. Students can also earn up to 6 credits of on-the-job experience at over a dozen regional and national internship sites such as law enforcement, youth services, court services, and corrections. Popular

internship sites include the Eau Claire County District Attorney’s Office, Wisconsin State Patrol, Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI), US Marshall Service in Madison and Federal Probation and Parole Services.

Professional development

The criminal justice program often sends students to professional conferences to present individual projects or collaborative research with faculty, funded through UW-Eau Claire’s Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Recently, two students presented research papers at the Midwestern Criminal Justice Association conference in Chicago.

Outstanding faculty and students

You will learn from outstanding faculty, who have been recognized for their research and public service. In addition, you will enjoy engaging with an active student Criminal Justice Association that sponsors field trips and meets regularly with criminal justice professionals to discuss career opportunities and pathways.

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criminal Justice


Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice


Topical Minor in Criminal Justice

Course work

Students should plan to take the core courses in Criminal Justice once they have completed the prerequisite courses identified below and earned at least 30 credits. 

Suggested freshman curriculum

• American National
• General Psychology
• Intro to Sociology
• Survey of the Criminal
  Justice System
• University writing
  depending on
  placement exam.
  For test-out options, see
• Moral Problems in
  Contemporary Life
• General electives
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High School preparation

Students are encouraged to do well in English composition, mathematics, and social sciences. Strong communication skills, verbal and written, should be developed as well.

Our graduates

Graduates of our criminal justice program have a variety of career opportunities. some go into law enforcement, while others go to graduate school, many to pursue their law degree. Others find careers in youth services, probation and parole, victim witness programs, etc. Typical positions held by criminal justice graduates include police officer, juvenile intake officer, I.R.S. agent, prison correctional officer, probation officer, D.E.A. agent, victim assistance coordinator, border patrol officer, private security, insurance claims agent, lawyer, parole officer, sheriff, state patrol.
More career information

Places you’ll find recent graduates:

• Police officer, detective
• Probation and parole agent
• Investigations Service,
  United States Office of
  Personnel Management
* Office of District Attorney
  victim/witness assistance
• Case worker, Big Brothers/
  Big Sisters
• Juvenile justice intake officer
• Federal Air Marshal Service,
  U.S. Department of
  Homeland Security
• Surveillance investigator,
  Treasure Island Resort
  and Casino
* Insurance claim
  representative, State
  Farm Mutual Insurance

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