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Katie Strope

Transfer and Data Coordinator
Phone: 715-836-4194 


Works primarily with: Transfer students; data coordination; non-traditional students

Interests include: Gardening, yoga, kayaking, boating, snowshoeing, stamping & scrapbooking, hanging out with family and friends, traveling

Fun fact: I grew up in Eau Claire and think it is a great place to live!

Education: BS in Human Rehabilitative Services from University of Northern Colorado, Master of Science in Rehabilitation Psychology from UW-Madison

Favorite campus event: Music on the Mall – live music on Monday nights on the central campus mall.

Best thing about UWEC: The Chippewa River and the biking and hiking trails that run along the river - it is beautiful.

Favorite spot in Eau Claire:
Phoenix Park – the farmers markets and outdoor music and events.

Favorite restaurants in Eau Claire: Stella Blues, The Nucleus, Mona Lisa's, Acoustic Café

What's on my Ipod?: Right now there's a great mix of Susan Tedeschi, Brandi Carlile, Jack Johnson, David Gray, and Norah Jones

If stranded on a desert island: sunscreen, a good book, matches and firewood to make bonfires, sunglasses, and plenty of food & water


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