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Heather Pearson

Associate Director of Admissions
Phone: 715-836-4315


Works primarily with: Transfer and international students; non-traditional students, military veterans

Interests include: Dining at the awesome restaurants in Eau Claire, biking and blading on the trails in our area, trying new classes at the gym, and working on fun house projects.

Fun Fact: I love to travel!  So far, I've explored 25 of the United States and ventured to 17 different countries.

BS in Art from Edgewood College, Masters of Education-Professional Development from UW-Eau Claire.

Favorite campus event: International Folk Fair

Best thing about UW-Eau Claire: The wide variety of activities, the beautiful campus, and (of course!) the students.

Favorite restaurants in Eau Claire:
Pad Thai (followed closely by Grand Ave Café, The Goat, and The Nucleus)

If you could choose one reality TV show to be on, which one would it be? “The Amazing Race” - I'd love to go on a worldwide adventure, and maybe even win $1,000,000!

What is the last vacation you took? Last summer I spent a week in Chicago with some friends. We toured museums, walked along Navy Pier, went to a performance by Blue Man Group, and saw a Cubs game. It was a fantastic vacation!

What's on your Ipod?
A fun mix of 80's pop, musicals, oldies, country, and new age.  A little something for everyone!


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