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New Freshman
Admission Application and Process

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Admission GuidelinesApply Now

Freshman admission is competitive and selective. Academic preparation and success are the primary considerations for admission, although non-academic factors are also considered. Each application for admission is given a comprehensive review. Freshman applicants are considered using the following guidelines:

  1. Applicants must present evidence of graduation from a recognized high school or equivalent certificate.
  2. Successful completion of the following academic units (one unit equals one year of study). These are the minimum required courses; most students will exceed this expectation.
Units Subject
4 English: at least 3 composition and literature
3 Mathematics: algebra, geometry, advanced college preparatory mathematics (algebra II or advanced algebra)
3 Natural science
3 Social science: 1 must be world or American history
2 Foreign language: in a single foreign language
2 Additional course work: in any of the above areas as well as art, music, speech, computer science, or other academic areas

*If a student has the first unit of foreign language in middle school and the second unit in high school, the foreign language requirement for admissions purposes has been met. Note: Students will need to add an additional academic unit in another subject to equal 17 total units.

Academic factors include:
  • High school class rank
  • Test scores
  • GPA
  • Senior year courses
  • Trends in grades
  • Course rigor

Secondary nonacademic factors may include:
  • Leadership
  • Special achievements
  • Community service
  • Diversity in personal background and experience

Freshman Profile

Average ACT of new freshmen 24
Average class rank percentile 76%
ACT of middle 50%* of freshmen 22-27
Rank in high school class of middle 50% of freshmen 65-88%

*Middle 50% means that 25% of admitted students fall below these scores and 25% place above.

Likelihood Of Admission

Apply to UW-Eau Claire

Students applying to enter UW-Eau Claire as freshmen for the fall semester should submit the following items to the Admissions Office after Sept. 15. Priority deadline is December 1 with a final deadline of February 1. Students applying to enter as freshmen for the spring semester should submit the following items after June 15. Priority deadline is November 1.
Apply Now!

  1. A completed UW System application for admission. Check out the Apply Online link on the left or
  2. A $44 non refundable application fee payable to
    UW-Eau Claire.
  3. An official transcript of all completed high school credit. *Students who have not graduated at the time of application should arrange to have their high school forward a final transcript to UW-Eau Claire.
  4. An ACT or SAT score report for all students under the age of 22. ACT is preferred. Students will not be at a disadvantage in the admission process by taking one test rather than the other. UW-Eau Claire's ACT code is 4670; SAT code is 1913. Visit for more information on taking the ACT. Visit for more information on taking the SAT. (Test score report from high school accepted for admission. Direct score report from testing agency preferred.)

We do not require recommendation letters.
If you wish to submit recommendation letters, please use them to help explain something about your application or tell us something we can't know from your other application materials and essays.

If you change your senior year courses please contact Admissions to discuss any changes to a core academic course (English, math, science, social science, foreign language).

*Applicants who wish to be admitted on the basis of high school equivalency must submit official documents such as the Certificate of General Education Development (GED) or another appropriate certificate. Include an official transcript of GED scores.

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