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Hometown: Brookfield, WI
Year: Senior
Major: Organizational Communication
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What activities/organizations are you involved in?
My freshmen year I joined the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), and three years later I am the President of the organization! It's a smaller organization that enables the group to really get to know each other and get involved with more communication-related activities. I am also involved in Future Student Affairs Professionalism Program (FSAPP) which has led me to want a career in higher education!

When thinking about our campus, what makes it feel like home?

Three years after taking a class my freshmen year, I passed a faculty member while walking around campus. I didn't know if he'd recognize me when I smiled at him as he walked by. Not only did he recognize me, he stopped and said "Hi Ariana, how's your semester going? I hope you're excited about studying abroad next semester!" The fact that faculty members at UW-Eau Claire take time to truly get to know their students says a lot about the integrity of this campus.

What do you think about the footbridge/campus hill?

I like it as I know I can can eat more at the cafeteria because I'll be working it off later!

What's something you've discovered about UWEC that you didn't know as a freshmen?
My favorite part of freshmen year was walking down the hill for an 8 am class and having a Momentum Monday where a current Blugold is giving high fives every Monday! It helped everyone feel a little more alive on those early mornings and like we were all in it together.

Why did you choose UWEC?
I loved every aspect of my campus tour! The friendly tour guides, approachable faculty, beautiful surroundings and size of the campus.

Finish the following sentence: YOU feel Blugold pride when…

I walk across the footbridge in the middle of winter and can only recognize people by their coats, hats and mittens! 

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