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Hometown: Sparta, WI
Year: Senior
Major: Advertising and German
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What was your residence hall experience like on campus?
I absolutely loved living in the dorms! I lived in Oak Ridge Hall during my Freshman year and met so many girl friends and am still friends with many of them today! It was such a great experience because everybody was so open and friendly and there was ALWAYS something going on.

What activities/organizations are you involved in?
I am a very active member of AIESEC; our main focus is centered around sending UWEC students on international internships as well as bringing students from around the world to the Eau Claire community on internship. Other organizations I am involved in are Advertising Federation, Intramurals, and Public Relations Student Society of America.

What's your favorite Blugold tradition?
One of my favorite Blugold traditions is floating down the Chippewa River. You drop in your tube at Phoenix Park and float through campus with friends!

What's something you've discovered about UWEC that you didn't know when you got here as a freshmen?
The downtown area of EC has some really fun things to offer. The budget theater, the Phoenix Park farmers market, and the Acoustic Café (live music on Thursday nights) are all really great hidden gems!

What's the best class you've had so far?
Theater 101 with Professor Profaizer! I'm not a theater/music major, however it was so enjoyable to learn something new!

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