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Hometown: Apple Valley, MN
Year:   Junior
Major: Double Major:
            Information Systems--
            Business Analysis and German
            for Business Professionals
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What activities/organizations are you involved in?
I am involved in Collegiate DECA and currently hold the President position. DECA is a great way to develop my professional profile and experience situations that I will deal with in the real world through weekly meetings, speakers, and competitions we have the opportunity to take part in. I am also part of Delta Phi Alpha, the German National Honor Society. It’s a great way to practice our speaking skills, meet other people interested in the German culture, and try fun traditional foods!

What's your favorite Blugold tradition?
Momentum Monday! As I’m slogging down the hill on Monday morning for my 8am classes, I can’t help but smile when at the bottom of the hill is Momentum Monday Man high-fiving every person that walks by and wishing us a great day.

What is something that you’ve discovered about UWEC that you didn’t know when you got here as a freshman?
I had no idea that the Chippewa River was home to 125 species that are only found in that river!

Where’s your favorite local hotspot?
The Nucleus is one of my favorite coffee shops to visit off-campus because it’s a mellow environment and I can really crack down on my homework there.

Why did you choose UWEC?
The trees and the atmosphere! There are so many places to lounge around on campus during the day and the scenery is so beautiful. I’ve always dreamed of living by the water and that dream came true because the beautiful Chippewa River runs through our campus.

What do you think about the footbridge/campus hill?
I love it! Not only do I get the separation of school and home life, but it’s a great work out! It’s invigorating and satisfying to make it up the hill and I don’t even breathe that hard anymore when I reach the top. As for the footbridge, I think it defines UWEC and all it has to offer. It’s a beautiful view, you can witness all of the activities other students do around campus, and key areas around Eau Claire are visible from this point.

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