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what will your and be? 

Hometown: Apple Valley, MN
Year: Junior
Major: Sociology
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What was your residence hall experience like on campus?
It's been amazing! I got paired with a great roommate right off the bat. Living in the residence halls has given me the opportunity to not only meet some cool people in my hall, but also branch out on campus and participate in all sorts of events that UWEC has to offer.

What activities/organizations are you involved in?
I am currently on the Forensics team, Blugold Beginnings, and I'm also the Vice President of Black Student Alliance.

What is something that you've discovered about UWEC that you didn't know when you got here as a freshman?

The vast amounts of lounge areas throughout campus. There is at least one spot, if not more, in every building on campus that you can sit down, relax, and do your homework…or take a quick nap!

What's your favorite Blugold tradition?
Laying out on the campus mall, relaxing, doing homework, and just enjoying the weather and campus atmosphere!

When thinking about our campus, what makes it feel like home?

Susie's To-Go! I always knew I would go to lunch and see Susie's smiling face. I am so glad she has her own food stop in Davies!

Why did you choose UWEC?
It sounds corny, but as soon as I walked on campus I just knew this was where I wanted to be. It was the only campus I felt physically and mentally like I belonged there.

Finish the following sentence: YOU feel Blugold pride when…
I open up the University website and see all of the accomplishments and amazing events that our university takes part in. We are a school filled with bright, generous, and successful individuals that go above and beyond in the activities that they are most passionate about.

Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.