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what will your and be? 

Hometown: Oakdale, MN
Year: Senior
Major: Elementary and Spanish Education
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What activities/organizations are you involved in?

I am a student coordinator for the Civil Rights Pilgrimage, I am the acting President of the Student Organization of Latinos, I am very involved in Blugold Beginnings, I work in the Center for International Education and now I work with the Admissions office!

What's your favorite Blugold tradition?
My favorite Blugold tradition has to be Homecoming. Everyone is in a great mood during homecoming week, and there is so much to do and get involved in. It's a great way to meet people and learn more about the history of the university and what is currently happening on campus!

What's the best class you've had so far?
My best class so far has been my English 110 class with Dr. David Shih. It was my First Year Experience class my freshman year and I met so many friends and still keep in contact with Dr. Shih!

Where's the best place place to eat on campus?
On campus, I enjoy the Bluflame Grill! Delicious burgers and chicken tenders!

Where's your favorite local hotspot?
My favorite local hotspot is definitely Racy's, right on Water Street. It's a great local place that has great coffee and a very chill atmosphere if you need a break from the library!

Why did you choose UWEC?
The minute I toured UWEC, I knew that this was the place for me. From the beautiful campus, to the amazing academics, to the friendly faces I saw all around campus, I knew that there was no place that could beat the UWEC atmosphere.

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